Monday, October 26, 2015

Tapestry Basics (part 2 of 2)

The popularity of tapestry as an accepted artwork grew mainly due to its function as well as the potential of it becoming quite a piece of art. Tapestry artwork uniquely combines both its use as a common commodity dressed elegantly in art to be appreciated. But the rapid popularity of tapestry art may also have grown from the convenience that it provides for people, especially from the wealthy set during ancient times who travel a lot.

Many of those who belong to the wealthy and nobility during the ancient times usually wanted to bring along their type of lavish lifestyle along with them even during their travels. This includes a show of their wealth everywhere they go. And when it comes to ringing artwork along with them, paintings seem to pose a challenge in terms of transport. Utmost care has to be followed to make sure that valuable paintings are well protected.

With the development of tapestry, the wealthy and the nobility of ancient times found a way of bringing artwork with them with their travels without having to worry about their upkeep and care. Most tapestry can easily just be rolled up and store appropriately in a safe place, making it even more convenient.

And it may also because of this fact that the popularity of tapestry considered as art considerably increased and the industry flourished.

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