Friday, October 16, 2015

Disney Embroidery Designs; Where and How to Find the Best Ones! (part 1 of 2)

Are you into embroidery? Do you like to customize your kids’ apparels, blankets, caps and other belongings? Are you fond of embroidering their names, favorite sports teams and caricatures on their clothes? How about cartoon characters? If your answer is yes to these questions, then this article may help you out one way or another. Now, mostly if you and your kids love to see cartoon characters embroidered on their apparels, you would love Disney embroidery designs.  And why not? Disney characters are cute and most kids love them.

So if you are planning to surprise your kids with customized caps or any apparel, you can try some Disney character designs such as Pooh, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Pluto, etc. This won’t be a problem if you’re used to embroidering such designs. However, if it’s otherwise, you need to find a good number of Disney embroidery designs for your project.

Here are tips on how you can find great Disney-themed embroidery designs;

• Know what design your kids want – it’s just a matter of asking them wh0 among the Disney characters they know are their favorites. You should also be able to tell this if you try to observe them when watching their favorite cartoon shows or if you remember who they prefer when choosing Disney-themed clothes.

• Consider the design – if you are going to get the pattern and your kids have more than one Disney character preferences, you may choose which among these can be embroidered easily.

• Get the simple yet beautiful design – there would be a lot of choices when it comes to Disney embroidery designs. Choose only the design which you think you can do best without any trouble.

• The price tags – it is also important to consider the price of the design. There are designs which cost less but will give you great project output.

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